36 Cards with main statement and additional content at the back

Inspirational readings about harmony in relationships, human conscious awakening and finding contentment in Life.

High quality print in hardboard box

Cards beautifully packed in a hardboard box including additional leaflet. Card dimensions 13.2x9.4 cm

Multiple transformational uses.

Each card contains advice that motivates us to seek the truth within ourselves. helping to eliminate the illusion of ego's limiting believes

Gift of Life cards reveal deep insights about the nature of life.

Lets remain playful and lighthearted about all aspects of life.

Pick a card and keep its message in min throughout the day


Born in Vietnam, Vimala has been a Yoga instructor for more than 20 years.  She believes every person can transform through meditation and a consisten yoga practice

Texts by Udvelananda & Vimala


Born in Switzerland, is a yoga and naturopathic therapist living in Nha Trang (Vietnam). He has long experience and is known in Southeast Asian countries. He has a passion and a desire to share with many people how to find happiness and awaken your inner self.