48 Cards with main statement and additional content at the back

Inspirational readings about emotions, balance, calmness, intuition, discipline, inspiration and creativity

High quality print in hardboard box

Cards beautifully packed in a hardboard box including additional leaflet. Card dimensions 13.2x9.4 cm

Multiple transformational uses.

Read them as a book, or choose one or more at random to remind yourself about specific topics

ONENESS Cards represent the ideas of Unity, balance and complete awareness

Become more productive and connect with your real self

Use your inner peace in order to achieve our goals naturally.


Born in India, Ojas believes in living consciously and inspiring others to have a more conscious life. Ojas founded Diviners organization in 2014 with the purpose of bringing awakening through art. Alongside with art, Ojas also uses dynamic meditations and dancing as transformation tools.